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Serpents' Ire Minis

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Attached is a PDF with mini images of the NPCs for Serpents' Ire.

1. Print off a color sheet
2. Crop the top strip and the bottom strip - (Tip: use a box cutter or xacto knife with a very sharp blade against the edge of a metal ruler. Dull blades may leave a ragged edge.)
3. Apply the top strip to the adhesive side of foamcore (or use cardboard + gluestick)
4. Crop the foamcore to the outer border of the top strip
5. Flip over, align and gluestick the bottom strip in place (or use spray adhesive, etc.)
6. Allow gluestick glue to dry to prevent paper sliding or lifting while cutting
7. Cut out individual minis - if everything is aligned, you should end up with clean borders - trim as needed (Tip: Very sharp scissors work well if you used cardboard instead of foamcore.)
8. Slide minis into standard 1" bases, etc.



(see next post for attachment)

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Tue Sep 06 2016, 05:15PM
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Here is a slightly improved version of the attachment.
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Wed Sep 07 2016, 05:55PM
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I decided to laminate 2 pieces of heavy cardboard together for this run. Attached are the images of the individual strips before laminating/cutting and the finished minis. Enjoy!

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Thanks, RT.

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Also, up in Starfinder - Other

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