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Accessories for Ungrounded

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Accessories include the following in different PDF files:

Knowledge Dumps - so you can cut out and hand to players rather than reading, plus they can hold onto during play
Player Handouts - usual, again so you can hand out directly
Portraits - the usual portraits from the scenario in case you like to show them without holding up your print out to the players
Success Points - a spreadsheet which allows you to keep track of various successes, I suggest you laminate and use wet-erase markers if you plan to run multiple times
Demerits-Ungrounded - I created these for a tactile reminder, print the document double-sided to get the front/back thing going. I printed mine on pink card stock, signed all the spots as CPT Othis, laminated and then cut into separate slips so you can toss them down on the table as the angry captain and the players can see their pile of demerits grow
Trial-by-Knowledge-Questions - if you want to role-play the encounter and use questions, rather than simply roll and announce success/failure. Page 1 is the GM question chart (Remedial - Basic - Advanced) for up to 6 players, pages 2-3 are sets of correct and incorrect answers to the questions (Q1B=right answer, Q1b=wrong answer for the Player One Basic question). If you've got a group, or want to try to get a group to roleplay the encounter hand-in-hand with their knowledge/profession rolls, the idea is if they get they exceed the DC you give them the correct answer chit, if not they get the wrong answer chit, and you have fun playing it out. Of course when you get a table where no one has Knowledge(Planes) or Profession(Soldier) - you might as well just skip it, since it's not exactly run to role-play 100% failure.

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Michael Tracey
26 Nov : 17:14
Typo on PF2 scenario, " 1-07 Flooded King's Coutt" should be " 1-07 Flooded King's Court"

05 Nov : 17:16
Please add sub forums for the new Starfinder Society scenarios

Pirate Rob
22 Sep : 05:26
Added .odg to the allowable filetypes. As a note I only check the chatbox irregularly, email is the best way to contact me to make changes etc.

19 Sep : 18:14
Hmmm, if at some point someone with access could add .odg files (LibreOffice Draw) to the list of acceptable attachments, I'd appreciate it. Made a flowchart for PFS1 10-98, but can't upload the source file.

17 Sep : 16:46
Thanks, RT.

08 Sep : 22:07
Also, up in Starfinder - Other

Print on Transparencies

5', 10', 15', 20' bursts
15' straight and diagonal cones
30' straight and diagonal cones
20' lines (3x)
30' lines (3x)

08 Sep : 21:23
Hey putting up a quick and dirty SECRET CHECK ACTIONS sheet that players can fill out for the GM, by action name and associated skill and modifier.

Pirate Rob
21 Aug : 03:54
PF2 Quests Subforum added

20 Aug : 11:26
Second Brattykat

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