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Modified Maps for the Final Encounter...

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Attached are modified maps for the final encounter per the suggested height changes by LZP in the GM discussion thread on (cylinder has throne in middle, 100' to top and bottom) + an elevator token. I used these maps and the token for a VTT run, but they may also be useful to others as a handout at the table. The players had no trouble understanding the layout of the cylindrical chamber with helical platforms.

On the side view, I moved the throne glyph to +100, or platform E, rather than F, so that it matches the main map and centers it in the cylinder.

In my combat, I placed the sylphs at elevation +160 as sentries (alluded to in the scenario and affording them 2 rounds to buff if they know hostiles are on the elevator) and the boss on the throne at +100 as in the scenario. Put the sylphs wherever you think they should go.

Optional Detail:
I made a separate elevator token and removed the erroneous glyph from the map because I offered the players the chance to knowledge check the elevator and control it to stop at the top, middle or bottom of the shaft, based on a multi-gem control panel. By default, the middle gem was glowing to stop at the throne level (as per the programmed setup in the scenario). I think the scenario would benefit from options for understanding/controlling the magic elevator, since it obvious goes other places (where players will then complain about the mechanics w/o control). It is an interesting and fun device for skill monkeys that can add some variability either at the start of, or during, combat. Stop at top? Sylphs intercept, take to boss or fight starts...or boss fight ensues. Stop at bottom? Examine sigil while boss is outraged and attacks, while sylphs follow. Stop at middle? Boss attacks and sylphs follow.

For wind, I used the following:
5' in from the outer wall = hurricane (as in the scenario)
10' in = severe wind
15' in = moderate wind
center area around the sigil = eye of the storm and calm. Players and NPCs can make the most of the eye for unhindered perceptions and combat, including spells like obscuring mist + Cloud Gazer, etc.

If you are running as an IRL game, the attached images may be useful as handouts to accompany your primary table map.

Using the above, the final encounter went very smoothly and was a fun battle.

[Removed maps in case of copyright issues - HG]

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Fri Aug 11 2017, 08:47AM
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[removed maps in case of copright issues - HG]

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Sat Aug 12 2017, 03:50PM
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Attached is a .zip file with battle schematics that I made from scratch based on the maps for the final encounter. I hope you find them useful. Whether or not you choose to adjudicate the wind as I have laid it out is up to you, of course. Also, I extended the elevator platform to make it suitable for audiences with Grasping Storm. Visitors arrive, the elevator descends across the room, they meet, and depart, etc.

Have fun!

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