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Skitter Crash Player Handouts

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Fri Jun 14 2019, 04:25AM Print View
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Borrowed heavily (outright copied her formatting because it's just that good) from Jen McTeague's format from last year. Hope this helps your players out!

[ Edited Thu Jun 20 2019, 01:30AM ]
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Fri Jun 14 2019, 08:49AM
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Oh man, you rock! I was literally just coming here to download her sheets from last year so I could try to do the same thing. I've been working on terrain and hadn't had time until today to work on cheat sheets. You've saved me a ton of work. Thanks. :D
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Sat Jun 15 2019, 01:32AM
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I'm just glad I could help. Assist also goes to Pirate Rob for getting the Skitter Crash folder set up on relatively short notice, too!

[ Edited Sat Jun 15 2019, 01:37AM ]
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Sat Jun 15 2019, 01:27PM
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Important note - I messed up the last line of Gazigaz's cheat sheet. I'll re upload later. Sorry about that.
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Thu Jun 20 2019, 01:31AM
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Fixed Gazigaz's sheet. Let me know if I missed anything else!

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Michael Tracey
26 Nov : 17:14
Typo on PF2 scenario, " 1-07 Flooded King's Coutt" should be " 1-07 Flooded King's Court"

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Pirate Rob
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Hmmm, if at some point someone with access could add .odg files (LibreOffice Draw) to the list of acceptable attachments, I'd appreciate it. Made a flowchart for PFS1 10-98, but can't upload the source file.

17 Sep : 16:46
Thanks, RT.

08 Sep : 22:07
Also, up in Starfinder - Other

Print on Transparencies

5', 10', 15', 20' bursts
15' straight and diagonal cones
30' straight and diagonal cones
20' lines (3x)
30' lines (3x)

08 Sep : 21:23
Hey putting up a quick and dirty SECRET CHECK ACTIONS sheet that players can fill out for the GM, by action name and associated skill and modifier.

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