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GM Tools

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Some Tools to help keep track of things in the game.
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Thu Feb 06 2020, 12:13AM
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A Basic Routine Schedule for New Acolytes to follow

7:00 a.m Arise.
7:30 a.m Simple labor in the yard.
11:00 a.m Prayer and tutelage in the temple.
12:00 p.m Lunch.
12:30 p.m Cleaning.
3:30 p.m Afternoon prayer.
4:30 p.m Training.
7:00 p.m Dinner.
7:30 p.m Evening prayer.
9:30 p.m Transcription.

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Thu Feb 06 2020, 12:16AM
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Rules for the Acolytes to follow

1) Razmir is the god above all other gods. Those who would claim otherwise are jealous of His glory and spread lies in an attempt to tarnish his mask.

2) Those who follow the steps of the Living God will be rewarded with glory and riches. Those who turn from His path shall have neither.

3) Razmiran, the realm of the Living God on this world, is sacred ground, and it is the duty of every believer to protect and enrich this sacred place. Every temple to Razmir is an extension of this sacred realm.

4) Those who have ascended the steps speak with the authority of the Living God. Failing to obey them is akin to disobeying the will of Razmir Himself.

5) Tithing to the faith is a holy responsibility. The faith of Razmir must have the resources to fight against His enemies, who use their vast sums of ill-gotten wealth to spread lies and deceit.

6) Those who do not believe must be converted to the faith of Razmir by showing them the glory and wealth that awaits them in His service. Those who refuse are corrupted by the unfaithful and should be denied such luxuries.

7) Only those who believe in the Living God deserve a life of plenty and pleasure. Others must suffer and toil until they see the light of Razmir.

8) The mask of the Living God is a divine vessel. Behind its protective embrace, His followers can speak the will of Razmir without fear of rebuke. His followers must wear the mask whenever they deal with nonbelievers, so that they might come to fear His image.

9) The followers of Razmir act as one. Through anonymity comes solidarity, with each part working together to further His glory.
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Thu Feb 06 2020, 12:20AM
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Some Names of the NPCs for a more personal experience

--- Acolytes ---
Trumek (M)
Godwyn (M)
Gladegir (M)
Sped (M)
Beorth (M)
Culcleed (M)
Eoforn (M)
Gwenbarth (F)
Orm (F)
Gwengild (F)
Thurcrom (M)
Cadhak (F ½O)
Blake (M)
Culcsteer (M)
Wiggrim (M)
Norwulf (M)
Thurgyth (F)
Hofbeort (F)
Wignoth (M)
Fogdak (F ½O)
Gruthaj (M ½O)
Dorsig (M)

--- Priests ---
Tunni (M)
Osward (M)
Brark Stabhalfling (M ½O)
Wulmal (M)
Offa (M)
Hali (F)
Deorstan (M)
Wigmar (M)
Tornazz Bloodbathe (M ½O)
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