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Boon Cards

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Fri Feb 21 2020, 01:34AM Print View
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In an attempt to do a better job of slotting my boons I'm going to make boon cards for my characters and probably also hand them out to players when I GM. I'm posting my first draft here for higher visibility so I can get some feedback from the community before I make a full set for all of the games I've either played or GMed. Spoiler warning: the attached file contains the boons for #1-01 The Absalom Initiation.

Please let me know what you think. As I complete the cards I'll post them in their respective sub forums. I will also post a google sheets template so you all don't have to wait for me to play or GM a scenario before cards can be made.


If you print it at 100% scale and then cut them out by cutting down the center of the thick black lines, you should get standard baseball card sized cards with a black border.
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Tue Mar 03 2020, 11:50PM
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Alrighty. I've completed the first batch of boon cards for scenarios and posted them in their respective forums. I've also begun work on making factions boons.

You can find all of the boon cards I've made so far here:
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Sun Jun 21 2020, 08:38PM
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Hey Jed, thanks for the cards!
Just fyi looking through the Boon cards from your google drive, it looks like the 1-05 Experienced Mountaineer boon has "difficult" misspelled as "diffcult" twice.
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Mon Jun 22 2020, 01:39AM
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Thanks for catching that. There is something weird about some of the earlier Paizo pdfs where an i following an f gets dropped when I copy and paste.

Anyway, I've updated all of the boon cards up to the current releases of scenarios and quests.
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22 Apr : 23:09
The master files will be updated once the April scenarios drop, when new individual scenarios sheets will be released.

22 Apr : 22:57
I was asked to upload individual sheets of boon cards in each scenario/quest so here we go.

12 Feb : 21:24
Uploaded a new set of "Player Info and secret skills checks" helpers.... 1/2 sheet and 5x8

11 Feb : 13:52
Pathfinder Society (2nd edition) Roleplaying Guild Guide PDF updated to v0.08

30 Jan : 04:17
Updated the Master Sheet for PFS II to contain the information from the new two scenarios

28 Jan : 12:52
I can't find a public email address for you, Pirate Rob! So I'm going to drop this in here. It's not an emergency, in any event.

When you have a few minutes, can you please add Starfinder Society scenarios 2-13 to 2-22 as forums, since they're up on the website?

23 Jan : 08:31
I have added a Master Sheet for PFS II Season I - yaou can find it in the "Other" part of the PF2 forum.

28 Dec : 21:04
Added Star Ship sheets for SFS 02-05: Meeting of Queens.

Michael Tracey
26 Nov : 17:14
Typo on PF2 scenario, " 1-07 Flooded King's Coutt" should be " 1-07 Flooded King's Court"

05 Nov : 17:16
Please add sub forums for the new Starfinder Society scenarios

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