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Flowchart of repairs and Townsfolk skills and attitude worksheet

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Edit: Here is a dropbox link with all the assets in PNG format as well.


Attached is the work of a local GM who doesn't want to create an account here. I am sharing this with his express permission!

Attached are repair flowcharts with checkmarks for each work-day needed to complete repairs. The first version is in 16:9 format for Google Slides. He had listed the DCs but I removed them. I also created a vertical version for Roll20. I plan on dumping this below the map. In both cases, you can draw a box over portions of the PDF that you do not want spoiled (such as the shrine).

Next is a chart of all NPCs and their attitudes and professions. I plan on being pretty up-front with the NPCs' attitudes so I think this can be an appropriate handout. (If we didn't have to get this done in a 4-hour slot I might think differently and make this more of an RP exercise). I am attaching both PDF and PNG.

Again: not my work! But I think this person has done a fantastic job and it s=deserves to be shared. This is probably one of the most complex 2E scenarios yet.



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