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Scenario Schedule and Timing

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So, this one is nine years old or so as I write this, and since we're all running everything online right now in a desperate attempt to not get sick and die, I had to clean a lot of things up for my table GMs. Including but not limited to all of the "Tables yell things at the overseer" bits that don't work at all online.

This doesn't really have any reason to have a full flowchart. Instead, I've made a Google Sheet with the original and unmodified timing or scheduling of all of the events, set for a 4-hour block with all of the bizarro 1-minute-long "first table to make a strength check wins" encounters included for posterity.

I've also included two cleaned-up plans, one for a four-hour block and a second for a five-hour block, that I plan on actually using.

If you want to make use of this, make a copy of it, delete the bits you don't want, and share it with your GMs. Edit it to fit your schedule. If you check a checkbox, it marks off that row--so it's a good way to indicate to your GMs just where you are in the special and what's coming next.

I'm including PDF versions as well, but they won't be updated to the latest version and they're not interactive.

Google Sheet link for Year of the Shadow Lodge Scenario Schedule and Timing
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Pirate Rob
06 Jun : 15:30
Nope, things look normal to me, both logged in and incognito.

06 Jun : 15:05
Weird. I can only see the first page of the pf2 other forums… was some pruning done?

Pirate Rob
24 May : 17:25
Added PFS2 3-98, finished out season 4 and added the announced season 5 scenarios

24 May : 15:40
There's no folder for 3-98 - Expedition into Pallid Peril

25 Mar : 12:51
I have a PDF I made of the missive from 4-09 I could add, but I can't create a 4-09 forum. If someone would like to start one I'll put it in there.

Pirate Rob
22 Oct : 19:24
Sorry for the delay, I don't regularly read the chat box.

Added a skitterwarp section and squished some spambots.

05 Aug : 12:15
Need Subforum for Skitter Warp

18 Jul : 01:40
Updated the Guild Guide PDF post with v3.0.0!

21 Aug : 02:17
Updated Boon Cards! Sorry about the delay! All the Season 1 and Quest boon cards are now out. If the scenario/quest doesn't have one, the chronicle is blank or has a boon that isn't slotted, like an unlocked feat for all your PCs.

13 Aug : 07:52
@Kitsune: That is great!

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