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Research Autosheets

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Some basic automation using two spreadsheets: a hidden one for GM stuff, and a player one showing what they have available.

The secret sheet feeds to the players' sheet and reveals info to them based on simple logic to show/hide stuff. To use, make a copy of both and re-link your own GM sheet in A1 of the Player sheet.

  • On the first page of the GM sheet, tick off areas and topics as they become available. They will be revealed to the players on their side of things. Until you check them off, they stay hidden.

  • When a research topic and location are both revealed to players, the associated skill checks and DCs will appear for the players on their sheet.

  • Check off successful research attempts on the "FeedSheet" as they go. This will automatically tally successes and reveal knowledge as they progress.

Feela a tad over-engineered but I am hoping it helps players visualize what they have available to research, and what sort of progress they are making.

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18 Jul : 01:40
Updated the Guild Guide PDF post with v3.0.0!

21 Aug : 02:17
Updated Boon Cards! Sorry about the delay! All the Season 1 and Quest boon cards are now out. If the scenario/quest doesn't have one, the chronicle is blank or has a boon that isn't slotted, like an unlocked feat for all your PCs.

13 Aug : 07:52
@Kitsune: That is great!

13 Aug : 07:52
The 1-11 for PFS2 should be named "Flames" of Rebellion, not Fires of Rebellion.

22 Apr : 23:09
The master files will be updated once the April scenarios drop, when new individual scenarios sheets will be released.

22 Apr : 22:57
I was asked to upload individual sheets of boon cards in each scenario/quest so here we go.

12 Feb : 21:24
Uploaded a new set of "Player Info and secret skills checks" helpers.... 1/2 sheet and 5x8

11 Feb : 13:52
Pathfinder Society (2nd edition) Roleplaying Guild Guide PDF updated to v0.08

30 Jan : 04:17
Updated the Master Sheet for PFS II to contain the information from the new two scenarios

28 Jan : 12:52
I can't find a public email address for you, Pirate Rob! So I'm going to drop this in here. It's not an emergency, in any event.

When you have a few minutes, can you please add Starfinder Society scenarios 2-13 to 2-22 as forums, since they're up on the website?

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