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InDesign Template for OPF Registration Cards

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Linked is the InDesign template I use. To make use of this tool you need Adobe InDesign and a basic understanding of how to use the software.

  1. Place your downloaded PDF on Page 1 (there is one placed there already so you have a guide)
  2. Edit the existing text on page 2 to your liking; I like to link our Warhorn and add a QR Code.
  3. Edit the QR code for your warhorn page if needed (use a site like QR Code Monkey to generate the code; place it in the frame then fit the object in the frame (right click => Fitting => Fit Proportionally). The QR Code on the rightmost column already goes to the Paizo Registration URL.
  4. Group and select the content, then hold down Option (Mac) or Alt (PC) and drag another copy of it out into the next area, following the guides. Repeat until you have all the boxes filled. Use Select and Repeat to make it faster.
  5. Print 2-sided. It should all line up.

Package Link:

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Pirate Rob
27 Apr : 15:08
While I'm not a lawyer and can't provide legal advice the CUP says the following (which specifically allows you to create your own versions of the maps, as long as they aren't going to be mistaken for official Paizo etc)

"You may not use artwork, including maps, that have not been published in the blog, although you may create your own interpretations of material presented in our artwork and maps, provided that your interpretations don't look substantially similar to our materials."

27 Apr : 05:10
Is it OK to share maps created via DungeonAlchemist for FoundryVTT for bounties/quests/modules? To clarify, maps created from scratch (but of course with the same layout as the PDF's map).

Pirate Rob
22 Mar : 13:21

22 Mar : 07:39
I've got a handout for 3-18, Dacilane Academy's Delightful Disaster, but there's no thread for it...

Pirate Rob
06 Jun : 15:30
Nope, things look normal to me, both logged in and incognito.

06 Jun : 15:05
Weird. I can only see the first page of the pf2 other forums… was some pruning done?

Pirate Rob
24 May : 17:25
Added PFS2 3-98, finished out season 4 and added the announced season 5 scenarios

24 May : 15:40
There's no folder for 3-98 - Expedition into Pallid Peril

25 Mar : 12:51
I have a PDF I made of the missive from 4-09 I could add, but I can't create a 4-09 forum. If someone would like to start one I'll put it in there.

Pirate Rob
22 Oct : 19:24
Sorry for the delay, I don't regularly read the chat box.

Added a skitterwarp section and squished some spambots.

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