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Now that you're dead...

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Gabrial GF
Sun Nov 02 2014, 10:36AM Print View
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A tongue in cheek guide to walking through the process of dieing.

[ Edited Sun Nov 02 2014, 10:36AM ]
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James Krolak
Sun Oct 22 2017, 08:41PM
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For the record, this was put together by me. I took what our former VC, Ryan Bolduan, had originally put together for this, kept most of the humor, and clarified a few unclear points.
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James Krolak
Sat Jun 30 2018, 01:36PM
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I realized when looking at this that it should be updated since they clarified in the Guide to Organized Play that you must decide which character is getting the credit from a pre-gen BEFORE you start playing, not after. So, here's an updated version of this.
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15 Mar : 15:09
Starship sheet of the Drake tier 2 for SFS with the changes of the guide 1.1 posted in reply of the original post with all the tier pegasus and drake. Enjoy !

08 Mar : 13:04
In the Star Season 1, there are two 1-31. Acts of Association is 1-32.

20 Jan : 00:45
Summon Creature Cards uploaded in Starfinder - as well as some Against the Aeon Throne files. Enjoy!

14 Nov : 18:15
@Pirate Rob, I will definitely try to remember that.

Pirate Rob
05 Nov : 19:26
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24 Oct : 15:02
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12 Oct : 03:48
Could someone please add a category for "We Be 5uper Goblins" and rename "We Be Goblins Four" to "We B4 Goblins". That'd be greatly appreciated.

28 Sep : 08:44
Added a Playtest Reporting Sheet to the "Other" forum under 2E playtest.

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Uploaded PF Playtest materials!

Pirate Rob
26 Jul : 14:05
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