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Item Card Potion Description Inserts

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I use these inserts in tandem with the Paizo potion item cards to give potions to the players when they identify them. Use these with a see through sleeve so that you can put the insert down the back of the card and the players will know exactly what the potion can do. It will also allow you to know which players have taken any potions that have been found for use later in the scenario.
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I've got a handout for 3-18, Dacilane Academy's Delightful Disaster, but there's no thread for it...

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Weird. I can only see the first page of the pf2 other forums… was some pruning done?

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I have a PDF I made of the missive from 4-09 I could add, but I can't create a 4-09 forum. If someone would like to start one I'll put it in there.

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Need Subforum for Skitter Warp

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