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Influence Helper Sheet

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Thu Jun 02 2016, 10:20PM Print View
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I don't know if this will help anyone, as I haven't tried it, but I am thinking it might. One page on influence.
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James Krolak
Sun Jun 19 2016, 12:27AM
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That's a handy summary, Jack. I think there are a few mistakes or things missing, though. I re-did it with some changes. The changes I made to yours are:

  • The intrigue rules summary in the scenario use some messed up wording regarding checks Before A Social Event. I think that the reference to getting a +4 on Discovery checks is supposed to be only if the PCs make a successful Recognition check vs. that NPC. That's why they word it as, "...against a particularly prominent NPC in advance..." So, I tried to clarify that.

  • The Impress The Host section should state that the bonus gained vs. the host are most likely for the entire scenario. I kept it a bit vague because I didn't want to spell it out too clearly and not all of them actually get you anything.

  • In the Discovery section, I added in the rules about beating the DC by 5 or more, so they know that doing better gets them something.

  • And, lastly, in the Influence section, I put in the suggested--though optional--rule about limiting influence checks to a few of the PCs at the same time. I did this to try to avoid the cheesiness of everyone at the table trying to assist on every dang check, even if it doesn't make much sense.

Not saying my version is perfect, but it's what I'm going to hand out to the PCs when I run this at FFG tomorrow, so we'll see if it helps or just gives them too much information. I've attached it here if anyone else wants to use it or modify it for their own purposes.

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Fri Sep 02 2016, 01:27PM
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Thank you, James.

I've gone and further refined what you had. I took out the cap of three, 'cause I personally don't like it. But, GMs could still limit.
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