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Emerald Spire: Land Rush maps

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I've made some hex maps for the Land Rush chronicle sheet using an online tool I found. (


Simple Land Rush map instructions
  1. Print out the Start.jpg for each player.
  2. Print out the 'All hexes claimed.jpg' multiple times so you can cut out the parts.
  3. When a player claims a hex, glue a hex with a red hex-letter on the right spot.
  4. >> Alternatively: Use a marker or pen to mark the claimed hexes
  5. Print out all of the G hexes for each player. When the player chooses the G hex, glue that hex on the Land Rush map.
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Sun Jun 12 2016, 02:40PM
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Joined: Sat Mar 14 2015, 10:15AM
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And here's the maps also as PDF files for easy printing.
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