HeroLab portfolio for Suliji Peshar
Serisan, Wed Jul 27 2016, 05:44pm

A couple notes:

12-13: the scenario has a typo for Suliji's AC. The addition next to the AC fields puts it at 31, not 32, so I've left the AC as 31. It increases to 32 if the "Friend has activated this" button is checked on the In-Play tab due to Shield Other. The Will Save is also 16 in the scenario instead of 17, but I've put a -1 adjustment to account for this.

Both subtiers: I've double-checked the values and you can safely ignore the validation errors. These should both be good to go.

Edit: Per John, the armor is a variant of the Mithral Full Plate of Speed, which is why there's no "of Speed" modifier available for the armor. The easy edit is to just add Boots of Speed to the portfolio for tracking the Haste rounds.