[spoiler] Aeon Throne motivational posters
Redchin_Thunder, Fri Dec 14 2018, 12:11PM

In the first adventure, the central cadet building is described in some rooms as having posters that glorify the Azlanti Star Empire - "Dominate the Weak." Et cetera. I couldn't find enough Azlanti images, but I'm interested in making some of these posters as cool player handouts to deepen the feel of the loyalty cadets feel toward the Empire. Send any images you feel would work (or take this on if you want). I'll post whatever I come up with in this thread.

Re: [spoiler] Aeon Throne motivational posters
Redchin_Thunder, Sat Jan 19 2019, 10:13PM

Drew them up, using artwork in the scenario. All artwork is property of Paizo, I added text for that propaganda poster feel. email redchin at sonic dot net for how i did them. https://atat.obsidianportal.com/