The Letters
Doug Miles, Thu Jul 24 2014, 03:35pm

The scenario refers to 3 letters all written by Dalton Krune, but made to appear to be from different anonymous sources. The actual content of each letter is left up to the GM to summarize for the players. These letters are intended to be used as either player handouts or to help the GM better summarize the details for the players.
*Use with caution* Sometimes players can seize upon a notion and waste game chasing down a false lead. Be prepared to decisively rule out these 'red herrings' and get the players back on track.

The First and Second Letters were delivered to VC Jorsal in Nerosyan. Unless the players asked to examine them at that time, you may not want to hand them out. I believe the Third Letter should be held by the sheriff, although the scenario does not specify. I addressed it to Ekira, figuring she would be the least likely to question the source considering her prejudices.