Book 1 Snows of Summer PFS Intro
CanisDirus, Sat Apr 30 2016, 03:44am

(Just one possible introduction to the adventure)


It is the middle of one of the hottest summers on record, and you are summoned to a meeting room of the Grand Lodge in Absalom by Master of Spells, Aram Zey. The Keleshite man looks simultaneously bored and annoyed by the mountain of paperwork all around him. As you enter, he motions to the seats on the other side of the desk he sits at, sighing and shaking his head as he speaks.

"As neophyte Pathfinders, you're not going to get any glamorous assignments. Get used to it. I received a letter yesterday from one Lady Argentea Malassene of Taldor, somewhat distantly related to the Crown Prince. She prattles on in it about some sort of atmospheric anomaly going on in southern Taldor near the town of Heldren.

Now, this sort of nonsense would probably be of great interest to my colleague Kreighton Shaine...which is precisely why I don't want him involved. He would task experienced and useful Pathfinders with getting to the bottom of...whatever this is, wasting their time and talents which could be better spent on more dangerous and useful missions.

I am invested enough in avoiding that depressing eventuality that I am going to personally teleport you to Heldren. I'm giving you just enough time to run to the quartermaster across the hall to purchase anything you think might be useful, and then you're leaving. I have many more important tasks to attend to today, and I want your team gone as soon as possible. I'll give you a letter of credit that can only be exchanged for passage on a ship back to Absalom from a Taldan port. Meet up with this Lady Argentea and figure out what's going on out there that could possibly interest the Society."

Zey picks up a piece of paper and scans it for a moment, before looking back up at you.

"Did I not make myself clear? Get moving, Pathfinders - now."