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EZ Prep for Ungrounded and Unbroken

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Le Petite Mort
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I occasionally make rather in-depth guides for the out of combat elements of some of the more involved scenarios. The purpose of these guides is to facilitate understanding of any convoluted or unwieldy mechanics and to make it easy to find the DCs for skill checks and what special actions PCs can perform that have an effect on the situation. I'll usually include some other handy information just so you don't have to go scouring the pfsrd mid-session. I'd appreciate any feedback you have, just sent me a PM on the paizo boards. My name on there is Le Petite Mort.

Skill check DCs will separate numbers with & if the numbers are representing tiered success conditions (one DC is good enough, the next is really good) and separated by || to represent different level tiers (such as the lvls 1-2 tier vs 4-5 tier). For example, if a party needs a perform check with a DC 10 in the low tier and 16 in the high, but there is a super success condition if they beat the DC by 5, I would represent that as follows:
Perform (didgeridoo): DCs 10 & 15 || 16 & 21 – PCs impress everyone with the hard earned skills from their performing arts majors. If the DC is exceeded by 5, the townsfolk give them free brownies.

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Michael Tracey
26 Nov : 17:14
Typo on PF2 scenario, " 1-07 Flooded King's Coutt" should be " 1-07 Flooded King's Court"

05 Nov : 17:16
Please add sub forums for the new Starfinder Society scenarios

Pirate Rob
22 Sep : 05:26
Added .odg to the allowable filetypes. As a note I only check the chatbox irregularly, email is the best way to contact me to make changes etc.

19 Sep : 18:14
Hmmm, if at some point someone with access could add .odg files (LibreOffice Draw) to the list of acceptable attachments, I'd appreciate it. Made a flowchart for PFS1 10-98, but can't upload the source file.

17 Sep : 16:46
Thanks, RT.

08 Sep : 22:07
Also, up in Starfinder - Other

Print on Transparencies

5', 10', 15', 20' bursts
15' straight and diagonal cones
30' straight and diagonal cones
20' lines (3x)
30' lines (3x)

08 Sep : 21:23
Hey putting up a quick and dirty SECRET CHECK ACTIONS sheet that players can fill out for the GM, by action name and associated skill and modifier.

Pirate Rob
21 Aug : 03:54
PF2 Quests Subforum added

20 Aug : 11:26
Second Brattykat

06 Aug : 21:08
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